How to install the Tagmukay Font in Windows 10

Tagmukay Font for Typing in Shifinagh

There are many common Unicode fonts that will enable you to type the characters of the Tifinagh (Tfng) script. However as of now, there is only one, Tagmukay Font, that will enable you to type all of the characters needed for the Shifinagh script of the Tawallammat Tamajaq (ttq) language.

The Tagmukay font has glyphs for all of the Tifinagh Unicode block characters, but it also has the SmartFont features necessary to access glyphs for the particular characters of the Shifinagh script of Tawallamat Tamajaq. Not only does Tagmukay give you the ability to type
the unique individual glyphs for Tawallammat Shifinagh, it also contains the logic that is  needed to type the biconsonant ligatures (two consonants combined into one) that are  common in Shifinagh.

Installing the Tagmukay font is the first step to being able to type in Shifinagh. It is also a prerequisite for being able to view webpages or other documents that others have been written in or contain words in the Shifinagh script.

The Tagmukay font is an open source TrueType font provided freely by SIL. You can download  it directly from SIL’s Tagmukay Font webpage. and you can find supporting documentation  there as well. You may also find it helpful to watch our video on how to install the Tagmukay  font in Windows 10. For more information or for instructions on how to install on other platforms please refer to the SIL’s Tagmukay download page.

Please check back at for future articles additional steps to effectively writing in Shifinagh script. Upcoming articles will cover how to choose a keyboard and a word processor to facilitate creating documents in Shifinagh.