Tamajaq Keyboards

We are developing Keyman keyboards that should make it much easier to type in Tawallammat Tamajaq. The goal is to have keyboards that will work any platform (Windows, Mac, Linux, and Mobile Devices).

The first keyboard we are working on is a keyboard for typing in the Shifinagh used to write the Tawallammat language of the Ioullimiden people. The keyboard will be a much simpler keyboard than those available to date, because other keyboards are designed to type a very wide range of Tifinagh characters in use among the people of many Berber languages. By designing a keyboard for the Shifinagh characters used by Tawallammat speakers only, typing will be made much less confusing as it will be uncluttered with characters unfamiliar to Tawallamat speakers. The goal is to have all the necessary keys on the unshifted level, so users won’t have to use the Shift, Alt, or Ctrl keys to type in traditional Shifinagh. Users also won’t have to remember many key combinations to type the bi-consonants like erta or enja.

We also hope to simplify typing the Tamajaq language in Latin script by developing another keyboard that focuses on easy access to the characters needed to type Tamajaq in Latin script rather than French, English or other languages written in Latin script.

Keep checking back on this page for more up-to-date instructions and links to download the keyboards when they are developed.