Tamajaq Verb Conjugation: A brief snippet

Today we’d like to share a brief snippet from a work that touches on a topic of interest for many of our readers:  Tamajaq verb conjugation.  To be sure there is a lot more to say on this subject, but we found this short snippet to be so concisely stated that you might be interested in reading it.

Back in 2002 SIL published Niels and Regula Christiansen’s  Some verb morphology features of Tadaksahak (Berber or Songhay, this is the question).  Though it is not directly about Tamajaq, as they examined features of the Tadaksahak they compared them to Tamajaq “Berber” and Songhay.  Section 2 of the paper compares verbs.  The Tamajaq conjugation example they used will be of interest to anyone looking for basic info on Tamajaq.

We hope to post highlights from references, bibliographies, and other materials on various aspects of the Tamajaq language, and to invite discussion and participation, so please keep coming back frequently to see the latest updates.