Typing in Tamajaq: Getting started with the Unicode Font & Keyman with Clavier du Burkina




Want to get started typing in Tamajaq roman script, but don’t want to type Alt codes our use special character maps to insert the Tamajaq roman characters?  Its really not hard to type directly from your existing keyboard with a few extra keystrokes.  Words like those listed above, and words with other special characters, can be typed very easily once you have the free Keyman software and the appropriate virtual keyboard (Clavier du Burkina) installed.

Download the Keyman software and Virtual Keyboard here:  http://www.tavultesoft.com/keyman/downloads/keyboards/details.php?KeyboardID=412&FromKeyman=0

Get help on how to use the Clavier du Burkina (Burkina Keyboard) at:  https://help.keyman.com/keyboard/clavbur9/9.0.2/clavbur9.php

For more links on using the Tamajaq language and its various scripts, see our “Links” page:  https://www.tamajaq.com/links/